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Huntop Industries Co., Ltd.

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Ningbo Huntop Industries Co., Ltd. ( is an China manufacturer of Garden Watering Spray Irrigation Lawn tools and Poultry and livestock equipments.Our main products:Agriculture and garden sprinkler irrigation,drip emitters,Foggers misting,Micro Sprinkler and Diffusers,fog making system,fertilizer and PE pipe and accessories, filter system and dosing pump,Cross shaped misting sprinkler,dripper stake assemblies, Garden irrigation Sprinkler,trigger hose nozzles,Nozzle spray gun pistol,Garden spray gun hose kit,Garden hand water sprinklers,watering wands, garden hose,hose reel,watering cans and sprayers,Portable pressurized water sprayer,Various pressure hand sprayer for garden,Expandable Garden water hose,Heavy duty wall mounted garden hose support holder,flexible garden buckets tubtrug,kids yard cartoon garden tool sets,garden leaf grass hay rakes,multi cell bedding plant plug trays,gardening nursery accessories,Oil press machine expeller, mosquito killer trap Repellent ,etc.GS,CE,ROHS,CB and ETL certificated.
Poultry farming, Poultry equipment, Poultry farm equipment, Chicken farm equipment, Poultry feed, Pan feeder system, Chain feeding system,Nipple drinking system, cooling pad and exhaust fan, layer cages, Automatic Bell drinker system, Water Pressure Regulator, Chicken breeding, Poultry Feeding Breeders, Pig bite drinking water, piglet drinking bowl, Poultry egg incubator, egg hatching machine, rearing, layers and broilers poultry, Livestock ranch equipments, layer houses for small farmers,poultry fan, negative press fan, exhaust fan, gardening fan, circulation fan, Poultry Machinery, Poultry Fan,Chicken Farm,Pig Farm,Cattle Farm,Evaporative Cooling Pad,Greenhouse Cooling System,Poultry Cooling System, Greenhouse Fan, Exhaust Fan For Poultry House.
Our advantages:Expert team,Reliable products,Competitive cost and pricing,High quality packaging,Customizable production,High efficiency.
We look forward to working with you!